FRG wins contract with the Cleveland Airport system

Feasibility Research Group (FRG) has been selected to provide On-Call Appraisal Services for the Cleveland Airport system.

University Heights, OH (February 16, 2017) — FEASIBILITY RESEARCH GROUP (FRG), a minority owned commercial real estate appraisal, economic market research and consulting firm based in Northeast Ohio has been selected for On-Call Appraisal Services with the Cleveland Airport system.

“We are honored that FRG was selected to provide on call appraisal services for the Cleveland Airport System” said Gregory Williams, MAI – Owner and Managing Director. “The entire FRG team is excited to provide the Cleveland Airport System with the same high quality, expert valuations that our clients expect and greatly appreciate.”

Cleveland Airport System On-Call Appraisers perform appraisals to determine the fair market rental and/or market value of vacant land, improved properties, easements, conservation easements and right-of-way. The term of the FRG contract with the Cleveland Airport System is a period of one (1) year with three (3) one-year options.

About Feasibility Research Group
Feasibility Research Group (FRG) is a commercial real estate appraisal, economic research and consulting firm. FRG has offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The FRG team completes commercial appraisal projects throughout the states of Ohio and Michigan. As well, the firm conducts economic market research and feasibility studies for clients throughout the United States. FRG’s current clients include leading financial institutions, local government agencies and private investors.