Feasibility Research Group is renowned for delivering the most outstanding commercial real estate appraisal services to customers in and around University Heights, Ohio and Ann Arbor Michigan for 35 years and counting. We provide commercial real estate appraisals for colleges and universities, utilities, insurance companies, attorneys, community development corporations, lenders, government agencies, and investors. The Feasibility Research Group is recognized as having a significant technological edge over the competition with our proprietary process. We are extremely skilled at delivering the essential building appraisals and property appraisals our clients deserve. Consequently, on the occasion Lorain investors are in search of the most effective commercial real estate appraiser in the region, the Feasibility Research Group is the only name they need to know.

Lorain Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Lorain, Ohio is a city in Lorain County. There are nearly 64,000 residents who live in Lorain. University Heights, home to the Feasibility Research Group’s Ohio office, is located about 36.5 miles east of Lorain. Lorain clients fully understand that our company maintains the noblest standards in the industry, and as a result, our MAI designated commercial real estate appraisers must meet all of the state licensing/certification requirements as well as take 480 course hours, complete six courses ranging from Business Practices & Ethics to Quantitative Analysis, pass their certified general exam and Appraisal Institute Designated Member Exam, finish 4,500 of commercial real estate appraisal hours and present an oral defense of their reports. These mandatory requirements are necessary for the Feasibility Research Group’s commercial real estate appraisers to qualify as MAI designated members of the Appraisal Institute.

Lorain Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

The Feasibility Research Group’s property appraisal and building appraisal experts are respected for presenting their commercial real estate appraisal reports in a timely manner, regardless how complex. Additionally, our appraisers continue to maintain their impressive position as professionals and are admired for presenting expert evidence in court to help clients by providing high quality property appraisals for litigation support. Our clientele understands that the Feasibility Research Group’s commercial real estate appraisers not only will meet their expectations, but they will frequently surpass them! When you are seeking the most devoted, impartial and honorable commercial real estate appraisers in Ohio, call Feasibility Research Group, today, at: (216) 920-7573.

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