Real Estate Services

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The FRG team is dedicated to helping our clients make sound real estate investment and community development decisions.  FRG effectively and efficiently completes commercial inspections, capital needs assessments, title research and real estate investigative services. We provide superior customer service, collaboration and responsiveness to ensure we exceed our clients’ goals. 



In addition to completing comprehensive appraisals, appraisal reviews and research analysis FRG provides additional real estate services

  • Employs proprietary FRG LEAN process and 2-Stage Quality Check to ensure completion of high quality and timely projects
  • Use the latest project management software and proprietary cloud based technology to effectively and efficiently manage projects
  • Leverages a team of in-house professionals and partner vendors to provide superior customer service
  • Led by seasoned team of real estate experts with decades of experience in construction, title research and property inspection

Other Real Estate Services

Property Inspections

  • Comprehensive single family and multi-family inspections
  • Detailed documentation of environmental, health and safety hazards
  • Comply with ASTM inspection guidelines

Title Research

  • In-depth residential and commercial property title searches
  • Complete and document real property ownership chains back to the 1800’s

Capital Needs Assessments

  • Estimate physical capital needs for multi-family housing projects over a period of 20-years

Investigative Services

  • Complete in-depth analysis of real property, owners and responsible parties

Government Clients

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
  • United States General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Ohio Department of Commerce
  • Ohio Department of Public Safety
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Cuyahoga County, Ohio
  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • City of Cleveland, Ohio


What Can We Do For You?