The Feasibility Research Group is recognized as a leading commercial real estate appraisal business that delivers building appraisal services for lenders, community development corporations, colleges, universities, attorneys, insurance companies, investors, utilities and government agencies. Our offices are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and University Heights, Ohio. We offer the most exceptional quality of work, turnaround time and customer services to earn us the enviable reputation as a highly valued, responsive and dedicated business partner. What’s more, Feasibility Research Group is renowned for asserting a viable edge over the competition and being better able to serve its clientele. This competitive edge allows us the opportunity to provide superior building appraisal and commercial real estate valuation services often in fewer than two weeks’ time. Consequently, whenever our Toledo clients are looking for an exceedingly competent commercial real estate appraiser, the only name they need to know is Feasibility Research Group!

Toledo Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Toledo, Ohio is a city in and county seat of Lucas County. There are more than 282,000 residents who live in Toledo. Feasibility Research Group has two offices, one in University Heights, Ohio, which is a little over two hours east of Toledo, and one in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is much closer, at less than one-hour north of Toledo. It makes perfect sense that Toledo businesses prefer the outstanding MAI appraisers at the Feasibility Research Group. MAI stands for Member of the Appraisal Institute, and, as such, a designated MAI has reached the highest achievement level of an appraiser, which is essentially double the requirements for a certified general appraiser, which they already are. That translates into the fact that our MAI appraisers have satisfied the state licensing and certification requirements besides completing 480 hours, six separate courses from Business Practices & Ethics to Quantitative Analysis, passed a certified general exam and an Appraisal Institute Designated Member Exam, as well as completed 4,500 hours of commercial real estate appraisal hours and concluded with the delivery of an oral defense of their report.

Toledo Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Moreover, the building appraisal and commercial real estate valuation team at Feasibility Research Group, is distinguished for offering prompt and competitively-priced reports on multifaceted, commercial real estate appraisals. The Feasibility Research Group’s team also maintains a professional profile. We are well-respected throughout the industry for serving as expert witnesses in court proceedings in order to assist clients in challenging an incorrect commercial real estate valuation appraisal or building appraisal. You can depend upon the Feasibility Research Group to not only endeavor to meet your expectations, but to consistently exceed them! For a committed, impartial and trustworthy commercial real estate appraiser, contact Feasibility Research Group, today, at either our Ann Arbor office: (734) 995-1383 or our University Heights office: (216) 920-7573.

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