When People Stop Going to Church …

Church Transform

There are 350,000 religious congregations in the US and according to the Yellow Pages there are 1,433 religious institutions in the greater Cleveland area.  In Cleveland, as well as, across the nation church membership and attendance is declining.  This decline is not discriminating amongst denomination.  There has been a lot written and a lot of research conducted to uncover the reasons for the decline.  The findings range from – the cultural disappearance of guilt to too many online social options to the thought that occasional attendance is the same as regular attendance.  For whatever the reasons, in five years the percentage of people unaffiliated with religion has increased from 15% to nearly 20% and continues to rise.

So what does this mean for houses of worship?

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A Perfect Match: Organic Kale Chips and Downtown Cleveland

Last week I had a job interview.  I arrived late.  Not five minutes late, but more like twenty minutes late.   Oh, I guess I should mention, I was not interviewing for a job, but was instead interviewing candidates for a position with FRG.  Anyway, I was late.  It wasn’t my fault, glad I wasn’t interviewing for a job because that’s a lame excuse.  I could not find parking.  The interview was in the Playhouse Square area.  Every lot within 5 blocks in all directions was full.  I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and found street parking by the Wolstein Center.

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Big Opportunity in University Heights, Ohio

I have always been intrigued by the intersection of Warrensville Center and Cedar Roads that brings together South Euclid and University Heights on the east side of Cleveland.  When I first encountered the area in the Spring of 1998, it was a bustling with a mixture of local shops and restaurants, and a mere sprinkling of national retailers.  I quickly learned from my in-laws that the area had a rich cultural history.

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I Don’t Do That

I Don’t Do That. When I Tell People I am an Appraiser They Always Want to Know What Their House is Worth.

This happens without fail every time I am out to dinner or at a corporate function with my wife and some of her colleagues –

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Get to Know John

John has over 35 years of commercial real estate appraisal experience.  John holds the SRA and MAI designations from the Appraisal Institute and has published several articles.

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